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Finance Advice for Holiday Times

The holiday’s are once again getting closer and so is the panic that is setting in amongst many all across the world as they realise there are so many things that need to buy and there is so little time left in which they have the opportunity to buy it. Many years ago Christmas would clearly be seen as an opportunity for families to congregate, share stories and perhaps have the odd drink or two as they regaled each other with tales of previous experiences. This is no longer the case and Christmas has become a consumer driven, marketing ploy that has forced many families into getting into debt in order to accommodate the demands of their nearest and dearest.

Presents or Family Time?

Although we do appreciate the odd present or two, the consumer driven race to purchase as many presents and gifts as is humanly possible has taken some of the spotlight off what was once a traditional opportunity for families to get together and celebrate each other’s company. Is there really a need to buy all of those gifts. Does this really make people happy. Clearly, the answer to both of these points is no! Research would suggest that people at their happiest when they have the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones and also when he also given the opportunity to share in positive life experiences.

Positive Experiences

But how do you wrap up with loved ones or even positive life experiences? Would people not be happier to have the latest import technology that would light up their lives for a short period of time until boredom setting and another gadget was needed. Although it is amazing to see people’s faces when they unwrap presents and the sheer delight on children’s faces when they see that Santa has delivered all of the presents they asked for in their centre list, the true spirit of Christmas lies in spending quality time with people who you love. It is important to always carefully consider the financial outlay that you had over this expensive time of year. Is it really worth getting into significant amount of debt in order to finance these happy experiences?

All of us here at hopes that everybody has a wonderful Christmas and remember, don’t forget to spend time with the people that you love and try not to spend too much money!

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